Green Power Solutions

» Zigor involves every year in the development of new products in favour of High Technology Electronics.
» Simulations based on electronic CAD made systematically during the schematic design phase.
» Advanced simulations and modelling tools greatly reduce product lead-time and increase the reliability of their designs
» During the prototype stage, advanced software and equipment tests are performed to guarantee compliance with the specifications.
» Microelectronic designs (hardware & software) are performed in Zigor, thus obtaining equipment with very competitive prices and features.
» The final controls are carried out with the help of automatic testing equipment (Labview & Teststand), thereby minimising errors and downtime.
» The microprocessors used to design Zigor products offer this important advantage.
Moreover, Zigor offers an efficient after-sales service on all its markets,
» Maintenance Contract (preventive and corrective maintenance)
» Rapid maintenance service
» Systems Audits
» Training and Consulting
» Repair and installation of equipment
» Technical service 24h/365 days
» Controlled waste recycling


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