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Energy Conservation & Audit

With our energy audit services,we identify the opportunities to reduce the energy use and/or the operating cost of the facility. Further more, we help our client to design/retrofit sustainable buildings utilizing day-lighting control, LED lighting system etc., Whether it is a new construction, renovation, or retrofit, our audit reports provide the information to decide which of the recommended energy generation and conservation technologies can be implemented at the site.

Service Offerings

We can provide different levels of solar and solar roofing analysis for a building or industrial process. Our reports give more information about the facility that they can use for variety of purposes. Whether it`s contemplating major energy-saving capital improvements or roof replacement or new construction or renovation we can evaluate and recommended a variety of solar measures to save energy and cut operating costs.

Site Feasibility Analysis

The site location, physical characteristics and general infrastructure of the site determines the success, mediocrity or failure of any solar photo voltaic project to a larger extent. The evaluation of a proposed operating location is called a comprehensive site feasibility study.

Service Offerings

Based on the comprehensive site feasibility study, proposing the appropriate technology for a particular site is essential to truly realize the benefits from renewable energy projects.

Operation and Maintenance

IKRA ENERGI`s operation and maintenance (O&M) is committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective and responsive solutions for the operation and maintenance requirements of SPV solutions.O &M assessments shall be performed as a stand-alone activity that results in a set of O &M recommendations or as part of retro commissioning ( a large more holistic approach to improving existing building performance.

Service Offerings